Sodi Travel

Sodi Travel is a legally established company, dedicated to providing tourist services with a long-standing history gained over the last 15 years
We understand that all our clients are special to us, which is why Sodi Travel is prepared to offer you the best quality of service and provide you with the most wonderful travel experience that you deserve in the city of Cusco and all the places we operate in Perú.

Our mission is to ensure that you enjoy your journey, for which we have a highly qualified professional staff, and we are at the forefront of technology so that you feel safe no matter where you are; we are there when you need us.

To meet our clients' needs by creating unforgettable moments during their travels.
Our staff's ability to provide appropriate responses is part of our strength, with continuous monitoring of the operations we carry out.
We are committed to meeting the quality standards that our clients deserve.

To grow both as a business and professionally, improving the quality of our services. We are committed to the social, cultural, and environmental reality of our country, constantly innovating and training to provide quality service and satisfaction to our clients.

The values we practice
• Discipline
• Kindness
• Punctuality
• Reliability
• Passion
• Fun and teamwork
• Honesty.
• Commitment.
• Respect.
• Responsibility.
• Empathy.
• Humility.


Our clients